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Our Fees

Long Design Associates Custom Home Design
Long Design Associates Custom Home Design

What We

typical fees

Every project is different and so can be the fees associated with that project.

We do tend to be on the low side of the National Averages.

To quote Architectural Fees,

"For BASIC services:
New House Project: 8% to 10% +/-
Renovation House Project: 12% to 15%+/-
With various additional services (either new home design or renovation design could be up to 20%+/-)."

References links

Below are some links to get an Idea of what to expect as far as fees involved.


Home Guide


Architectural Fees

I have worked as a structural engineering consultant to Long Design Associates for many years. They provide the best drawings of any designer I have worked with. Shannon's understanding of construction and attention to detail is exemplary. I highly recommend them for your next project.

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